Will Modafinil Show On A Military Drug Test?

You have been smashing it, getting so much stuff done. Basically, you’ve been performing better. Popping smart medications such as Modafinil to boost cognition, get better grades and also earn more money.

Reality smacks you in the face area. You are likely to have a drug check – and shortly! One question springs to mind. . .

Will Modafinil Appear on a drug test for the Military?

The short answer is NO, not unless they are individually testing for it. (Please do some more research first, I’m not in the military, and up to this point, all research points to NO they don’t test for it, but still use it on your on validity, it’s still always a risk)

If sports, such as Athletics, such as the NCAA – they are now testing for Modafinil usage. As it’s been shown to increase performance. No surprise there.

I can attest to this cause I have used in each the way up to the test date cause my job screens and haven’t had any problems at all. The compounds on these test kits are not cherrypicked randomly.

The kits are mass made by firms which meet the need for company owners who wish to test for common junkie drugs. Due to this disposition of modafinil/armodafinil, they’re not viewed as a danger to anyone doing company. Thus the companies that fabricate those test kits don’t bother seeing to each of these substances.

Again these kits are or may be different than the ones in the military.

All branches of the military — such as the Coast Guard, National Guard, Air National Guard, reservations, appointees into this service academies, former associates of the ROTC and officer applicants undergoing initial instruction in an honourable standing — need candidates to attend MEPS in which they’re either approved or rejected for military support.

Army applicants are analysed for marijuana, cocaine, and amphetamines, methamphetamine, made amphetamines like MDMA (also called Molly or Ecstasy), and MDA (also named Adam). Modafinil is not being currently tested for by them.

Does military drug test for Modafinil

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