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So what has been my experience with Modafinil?


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If you’re anything at all like me, you’re always chasing an edge.

The first time I heard about this “wonder drug” called modafinil, I didn’t really think much of it.

You see there was plenty of other “smart drugs” I’d read about, got excited about and brought…

A Picture Of Modafinil You Buy Online In Australia

Chemical Structure Of Modafinil

Most of the time being sorely disappointed.

I left the idea and moved on with my life.

Until I heard one of Dave Ashby’s podcasts where he revealed that he used to take it all the time…

Like a curious cat, I started delving into it deeper.

Getting away from all the Modafinil forums and researching what the drug actually did to your body and brain.

You can read more about those particular details here.

So after my logical brain came up with enough yes reasons…

I ordered some online. I paid a little extra to get a smaller quantity the first time… I bought it from here.

They were super fast for shipping, and the pills were terrific.

I’m from Sydney and didn’t have any problem importing it into Australia.

If you live in Australia, you most likely won’t have any troubles either.

Just don’t overdo the order, keep it under about a 3 month supply.

Picture Showing A Packet of 200mg Modafinil Tablets Buy Online in Australia

Modivgil – Just one of the brand names of Modafinil

I usually get 100 pills at 200mg at a time.

But please understand, for the purpose, I take them for (intense focus, clarity and getting shit done), these 100 pills will last me about 9months.

Firstly I don’t take Modafinil every day…

You shouldn’t either.

It becomes ineffective in my opinion if you use Modafinil every day.

And if I always take copious dosages…

Well, I tend to get spacey towards the end of the night.

Another reason that I don’t recommend taking Modafinil daily is…

When you’re on it, you feel so focused on whatever it is that has your attention.

Which is good and bad…

It’s a double edge sword…

Let’s imagine you are trying to start a work from home business. We’ll say an e-commerce store.

Problem is, there is just so much to learn and even more to implement.

You struggle because you get massively distracted.

So you never really make any progress.

You read about Modafinil and think, f*** yeah… I need this in my life.

This is what happened to me anyways.

You get your order, pop a pill, and with all the enthusiasm, coupled with intense focus, you work 4hrs straight, no distractions…

Take a lunch break and then work another 8hrs…

No problemo…

You do the same the next day… How friggin awesome.

The third day, you pop another pill, work for about an hour…

You realise you don’t feel as motivated.

In reality, you’re mentally drained.

You take a break, you do something else… Like, cook something in the kitchen.

Afterwards, instead of going straight back to work, you want to do the dishes first just so they’re done.

So you clean the kitchen…

…better than you ever have.

Since the kitchen is clean, you decide to clean and organise drawers, then lounge room.

You’re probably thinking… Okay, this still sounds pretty great.

Which it could be…

What you don’t realise though, being in cleaning and organising mode, is a form of procrastination.

Instead of getting what you really need to do, you get other less essential tasks done.

Worst of all, you’re running around on full steam.. not relaxing.. just UP and focused… And what goes up, must come down.

You physically can’t run at full steam 100% of the day, you burn up your energy, willpower and brain fuel.

You crash.. whatever that looks like for you…  For me, it’s getting spacey…

And being really focused on being spacey, I can stare out into space for like 20-30mins before even realising what I’m doing.

Picture showing modafinil pills that you can buy online

Buy Modafinil Online

Point being, don’t expect Modafinil to be the saviour of every day.

Instead, use it when you already have a list of tasks you need to get through…

Do it a couple times per week, maximum.

And don’t think you need the full tablet, 200mg to get great effects.

A quarter of a pill is massively efficiently.

Experiment with various doses.. and please don’t overdo it.

Modafinil is amazing.

If you haven’t tried it out… You get a “free” trial pack from here.

It says free…

But really you’re paying for expensive postage…

It’s still cheap, and when used correctly, you’ll definitely get an ROI much greater times what it cost you.

You can buy Modafinil safely from here.