Modafinil Yawning

Does Modafinil Cause Yawning?


Modafinil yawning is quite frequent. It may seem odd as modafinil is promoted as a wakefulness drug. Which of course is it.

But why then do some people get these “yawning attacks” when on modafinil.

There isn’t a straightforward answer for this, it’s more a list of possible reasons why yawning is happening for you.

The first reason is that you might have a strong tolerance for modafinil and the same supplements, meaning you aren’t taking a large enough dose, so you’re not getting the desired effect.

Another reason is you might have ADHD (which I’m not sure I’m really on board with this answer, but it’s in this video because it’s noted in some studies) The reason is something called “paradoxical” stimulant effect.

Some other reasons why you might be yawning a lot is due to some other substance you might have ingested or gotten from something you ate or drank. It might just be having a chemical interaction with something else inside your body.

One of the reasons I firmly believe about modafinil and yawning is that you’re tired – or your body is tired of that matter. If you are trying to focus hard on studying or working and you start to feel tired. One of the quickest and easiest methods to refocus and get more energy is to do a massive yawn and a super slow stretch. This has been proven in many studies. When you yawn and are conscious of the yawn – various parts of your brain light up. Redirecting energy and giving you more focus and concentration.

Try it right now.. do a super slow long stretch and yawn. If you don’t have a yawn ready, fake it like 4 or 5 times, a real one will soon follow.

Once you have yawned – you’ll notice how much more refreshed you feel. So when you yawn on modafinil, I believe it’s your bodies way of trying to have a second to stop and recharge.

Because as you’re probably aware, it’s easy to go non-stop when experiencing the effects of modafinil.

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Yawning on Modafinil - Does It Cause You To Yawn?

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