Modafinil with Opiates

Can you use Modafinil with Opiates?

Opiate dependence is characterised by high levels of relapse even after long periods of abstinence, necessitating new relapse-prevention remedies which don’t have abuse potential. Recently clinical trials imply that the wake-promoting medication modafinil may reduce relapse in cocaine addicts.

What happens when you take modafinil with opiates?

A higher rate of relapse abstinence remains the hardest facet of addiction therapy. Co-administration with inducers of CYP450 3A4 (i.e. modafinil) might reduce the plasma levels of opioids, which are mostly rectified by the isoenzyme like fentanyl, hydrocodone, and oxycodone.

Reduced efficiency or withdrawal symptoms may occur in patients kept in their narcotic pain routine after the accession of a CYP450 3A4 inducer (modafinil).

By comparison, discontinuation of this inducer might create a fatal illness.

“The changes we’re detecting in dopamine concentrations using modafinil are equal to those we’ve reported (Ritalin) from the human mind.

Not only does modafinil raise dopamine in the body, but can it be identical mechanics to Ritalin and cocaine, by directly blocking the dopamine transporter. It’s not functioning by some different, different mechanics.”

Many users report taking modafinil and all types of opiates together, and a common theme is that the modafinil takes away from the drugs, diminishing their pain-relieving effects.

If you’re asking this question because you want to take both to get some type of high, it’s not recommended. The feelings described by users is that “it won’t kill you, but it isn’t comfortable.”

So be careful. Don’t take them together. There’s no point.

Using Opiates with Modafinil

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