Modafinil Headache Cure

Can Modafinil cure headaches? Or does it cause headaches?

Well, how long is a piece of string?


It’s been my experience, that I can do both.. it all depends on your current state…

Have you been eating shitty food for the past day or 20 years…?

Eating tons of sugar, carbs and not much protein, then having Modafinil is almost a sure thing that you’ll get headaches.

I’ve read some people suggesting that taking Modafinil to cure hangovers.

While this “may” help if you’re not too hung over as you’ve just had a few beers the night before.

If that’s the case and your feeling a little slow, Modafinil can do wonders.

But if you got absolutely hammered the night before, and your most likely still drunk in the morning…

Taking any dosage of Modafinil is a really really bad idea.

Like a horrible fucking idea.

I can tell you from experience. It takes a hangover headache you already have and amplifies it.

The focus mechanism kicks in, and it’s so hard to not focus on the head bending sharply as a tack headache you have.

Don’t do it.. it’ll give you one of the longest lasting headaches you’ll ever experience.

And no, you won’t be getting anything done.

On the other hand.. if you’re eating right, and drinking plenty of water…

If you’ve still got a headache (no alcohol related).. taking 50 to 100mg of Modafinil can do great things.

By the time it kicks in, and you’re focused on whatever you’re doing the headache will be forgotten about.

You’ll be able to get on with your study, your work or getting through that Netflix marathon you’ve been training for.

So back to that piece of string. Modafinil may or may not cure headaches. And it may or may not cause headaches.

My answer for most things in life.. is it depends…

Headaches are a personal thing.

What causes typically and cures your headaches?… These factors will likely influence how the Modafinil will respond to your body.

Remember Modafinil tends to amplify what’s already there.

Be safe. Drink lots of water, and get a whole lot of shit done.


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