Modafinil Dosage For Studying

So you’re thinking about buying some Modafinil for studying…

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The Dosages For Modafinil When Studying

Do you think it’s wise?

Firstly, answer the question, why do you want it for study? What benefits do you think Modafinil will provide you?

As much as I’m an advocate for the use of Modafinil, I want you to understand there are no free lunches…

What do I mean by this?

Well, don’t expect to be able to just smash out your study without any downside.

What goes up must come down.

When studying, Modafinil is awesome, you can focus for hours and hours on end.. absorbing so much information and completing so much work…

But this only lasts so long.

Think about it, your body is processing at a higher speed so to speak…

You eventually need to rest.

So when you do take it for study, remember a few vital things.

Remember to eat, drink plenty of water, and take lots of breaks… I try to take at least a 10 minutes break every hour…

It makes Modafinil just so much more effective.

Also, it’s my personal opinion, and the opinion of lots of friends, that taking Modafinil on many consecutive days, starts producing negative productive effects.

So.. what do I recommend?

I think you’ll get the best results from taking it at least 3 days apart…

And on the days you take Modafinil, have a list of tasks you want to accomplish.

And work through that list.

On your off days, do your research, figure out your plan, do the heavy, critical thinking.. and use Modafinil to get through the grunt work, the repetitive work.

If you’re using it for study… You can easily create all your notes.

Prewrite essays with ease… And sometimes it works better to just review when you’re not on Modafinil, and clean up the sentences.

Best dose or dosage of Modafinil to take for studying:

50 mg (a quarter of a tablet) – works best for unplanned work and study. At this dosage you’re not too buzzed, so you can figure out great plans without getting super distracted..

100 mg – Perfect if you know what you have to do… You get the intense focus that lasts for at least 8hours.

200 mg – You have a big deadline… You need to dominate your study for 12hrs…

More than 200mg… Not recommended… When you take more, you get more of the side effects, I feel that productivity effects cap at 200mg.

But again everyone is different… Sometimes 100mg is the most anyone should take to be the most productive version of themselves.

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