Can Modafinil Be Cut In Half?

Yes. Physically Modafinil can be cut into as many pieces as you want.

But that’s probably not really the answer that you’re after right?

The question I think you’re asking is…

Does Modafinil still work if you cut it in half?

Absolutely. It works.

You can read more about what dosages you can take here.

So the thing to remember is that the less you take, the less of an effect you’ll get. Which often times is better.

Let me ask you a question…

What do you want to take Modafinil for anyways?

What are your goals?

What are you hoping to achieve? More concentration? More focus? The ability to read for hours and hours without getting bored or tired?

Well yes, Modafinil will help with all of that…

The effects differ greatly depending on who’s taking it when they’re taking it..  it also changes with the types of food they eat.

Experimenting is recommended.

What do I mean?

Well, don’t just read this blog, or buy pills from here, and take whatever I or someone else recommends…

Don’t be a sheep.

See for yourself, what dosages are perfect for you.

If you’re the cautious type.. great! Start off small, 50mg..  then work your way up to 200mg.

I wouldn’t go more than 200mg per day, I feel it’s just not necessary…

More is not better. In my opinion.

Depending on my needs for the day… That’s how I decide what I should be cutting the Modafinil into.

The easiest way to cut Modafinil is with a thin blade. But when I’m travelling, which is often. My trusty pocket knife does the trick.

Sometimes the cut isn’t perfect in half, but that’s ok.

I like to cut Modafinil in quarters, as I find 50mg effective for many tasks I do.

Writing, for example, is excellent when done on 50mg of Modafinil.

It’s also great if you haven’t had much sleep, and need to get some work done.

Be careful if you take 200mg when you haven’t had any or much sleep the night before.

The first few hours you’ll most likely feel great.. but after that, there’s a good chance you’ll start to get a little sketchy.

Like, get spaced out.

Your body will be tired, your mind will be tired, but you’ll be wired.

If you’re the anxious type… Taking large doses of Modafinil when you’re tired already, will likely cause unwanted anxieties to surface, and they’ll run through your mind over and over…

Can be painful.

Cutting Modafinil In Half

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